VMworld 2010

• No on-site datacentre –utilisation of cloud service providers, Verizon and terremark along with VMware’s SF facility
• Provisioning of over 130K VM’s over the 5 days of the conference (26 000/day)
• VSPP V3.0
• vCloud Director
• Cisco, EMC, VMware’s vBlock architecture
• Growth of ‘Solutions Exchange’
• INXS at the Conference party


This came through loud and clear – Cloud solutions are real but there are some lessons to be learnt from the early adopters

• Management is critical
• Storage is KING
• Business Agility is the driver
• Hybrid cloud Service Provider solutions drive cloud adoption

VSPP V3.0 <

VMware announced the next generation of their Service Provider Program. This is a major change in terms of product bundles, product range and the introduction of a usage based charging model. We will be providing a detailed update to our partners in the near future, however, here are some of the highlights.

• Based on new metric: virtual RAM allocated to VMs
• Two tiers of service designed to enable cloud providers to deliver a competitive enterprise cloud service
• Risk-sharing model: SPs are billed monthly based on virtual RAM metric, so license costs are proportional to SP revenue

Cloud services early adopters one year down the track
Verizon Business

The eary adopters from last year have further developed thier range of cloud offerings. This has legitimised business grade cloud solutions. I could give my impressions on each but it is best if you have a look and make your own judgement. There are some very interesting solutions from these early adopters.

It is interesting that an Aussie company who made a splash last year have dropped from view – MelbourneIT.

‘Actual Clouds in Action’

There was an area within the Solutions Exchange hall for new players in the cloud solutions market. Some are global companies, others are smaller players. All had interesting interpretations of cloud solutions. You again may want to have a look at their websites.
• ACS – Xerox Corporation
• IBM Smart Cloud
• CoreLink Data Centres
• Xtium Hosting
• Siemens Global NW Solutions
• Terremark
• IT Xpress Cloud
• BlueLock
• JustWorks
• Verizon Business

Some Interesting Products

The VMware partner ecosystem continues to grow. The interesting trend for this year was the growth of management & automation products. The number of VMsafe products continues to grow and established players in I/O acceleration continue to develop next generation products.

Below are a list of vendors whose products look interesting for deployment into the datacentre. All provide either economies in ops, additional functionality or enhanced performance.

• vkernel – management and chargeback. A consistent solid performer
• abiquo – Enterprise cloud management. Manage VMware, Hyper-V and Xen VM’s
• shavlik patch plus – automated VM management suite
• Argent cross platform and application management suite – comprehensive
• Centrify access control and identity management. Extending AD to multi OS systems
• Catbird vSecurity – security suite for the virtual data centre
• Altor Networks Vmsafe security appliance – security suite for the virtual data centre
• Xsigo Systems – virtualised I/O appliance. A mature product that keeps improving
• Zetta Data Protect – offsite data replication.

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