BPOS – what’s in a name?

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy)

Rumours abound on the interwebs about a branding and naming changing for BPOS as part of the refresh to the 2010 (Wave 14) versions of Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync (previosuly OCS and Live Meeting).  If the rumours are true then we will be referring to BPOS as Union going forward (although I suspect there will be a few twists before this one is settled).

But before we get ahead of ourselves I am asked what the differences in the current BPOS names mean, so here we are:

BPOS-S (tandard) = This is the version of BPOS that most business will encounter.  It is offered on a shared platform basis, which helps to keep costs down but also means that the service has to be standardised across all businesses.  There is a 5 seat/12 month minimum sign up (except Australia where it is 1 seat/12 months) and the option to purchase the “suite” of all products at a discounted price or just the individual products e.g. just Sharepoint.  Although typically purchased for seat counts in the hundreds it can scale to 30,000 seats  

BPOS-D (edicated) – This is the version that as it name suggests is provided on dedicated infrastructure, providing clients with a greater level of flexibility.  Due to the increased costs of deployment this is typically targeted at the Enterprise customer with 5000 or more seats, although it is economically suited to higher seat counts (typically over 20,000).

BPOS-F (ederal) – This is a specialist version of the BPOS-D offer, specifically focused on US government agencies. It has been offered to meet the specific compliance, security and privacy needs required by the US federal agencies.

For a more detailed look at these different options there is an interesting short article over at BPOS Experts.


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