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WTF–money is a negative reward for cognitive work!!!

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy) The following video lays out the science behind this apparently counter-intuitive statement.  In summary: For “physical” activities the traditional money reward process works very well However for cognitive activities, as long as there is … Continue reading

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Does location of an organisations data impact cloud adoption?

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy) This  is a complex area covering everything from hard and complex legal facts (upon which I will claim no expert knowledge), through to illogical but equally important emotional reasons.  So the answer is YES, … Continue reading

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How to be productive in writing blog posts

A common question from firms starting blogs or thinking about it, or entering social media, is how to find the time. Let’s rephrase the question to say how to be more productive IF you decide that you want to be … Continue reading

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Are patents valuable of not? IBM tops 2010 list.

A question often asked by start-up entrepreneurs, and also others as they come up on an opportunity to patent “something”, is whether it is worthwhile. By “worthwhile” we really mean will it generate extra wealth compared to the alternatives. It’s … Continue reading

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