How to be productive in writing blog posts

A common question from firms starting blogs or thinking about it, or entering social media, is how to find the time. Let’s rephrase the question to say how to be more productive IF you decide that you want to be in it.

Here’s a post from a few years back by Steve Shaw who gives some good advice about setting aside segments of time and batch processing your writing.

Here’s three take-aways:

1. Pick a target word length – say 250 words, or 400 words, and aim for those as otherwise you can write all day on a topic (I’ve done that!!);

2. Set a calendar schedule – what days how long. Work that out from your production target – you need 4 articles per month allow 2 hours on 2 days per month.

3. Write offline – if you don’t have all those Skype pop-ups and mail pop-ups and every other thing in front of you then you’ll use your writing time to its fullest.

Read his whole article, it’s not rocket science but it’s very helpful. @adamson


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