How is Windows Azure Introductory Special different to Cloud Essentials?

The Microsoft Azure team’s announcement of a new Introductory Special offer as part of the “Cloud Power campaign” is good news for partners wishing to try out Azure at minimum outlay.

The upgraded Introductory Special offer now includes 750 free hours of the Windows Azure extra-small instance, 25 hours of the Windows Azure small instance and more, until June 30, 2011. This extended free trial will allow developers to try out the Windows Azure platform without the need for up-front investment costs.

However, as Roger Jennings at pointed out, it’s not that much different to the Cloud Essentials Pack. He gives a great comparison in his article How much are free cloud computing services worth?

His table on Azure lays it all out (for Cloud Essentials):


Jennings adds: “Perhaps what’s new is that the new offer isn’t restricted to Microsoft Partners, expires on 6/30/2011, has only 500 MB of storage, 10,000 storage transactions, and the SQL Azure database benefit expires in 90 days.”

By the way Roger Jennings is the owner of OakLeaf Systems, a software consulting firm in northern California. He is also a prolific blogger and author, including a book on Windows Azure.


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