Windows Home Server 2011, Launchpad offline and “net.tcp port sharing service” timeout

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy)

This is off topic from service provider licensing, however on the basis that it is possible our partner community may be the type of people who could have Windows Home Server and may therefore have encountered this issue I thought I would post here. (and if you are here just for this article then maybe you could look around a bit further Smile)

Problem Summary:

Time lost that I will never get back, knowledge gained that I can only hope in some future life has some advantage!!!!

  1. Have Windows Home Server 2011 – love it
  2. Lots of home machines and no previous (major) issues
  3. Get new Lenovo X220, setup with everything I need
  4. Install the WHS Connector works fine, however after the first reboot I am told that “The server appears to be offline. Do you want to sign in to offline mode”
  5. Backups will not work and alerts fail


After much searching etc I finally got to the bottom of the problem:

  1. Windows Home Server installs a number of additional services, “Windows Server….” on the client machine (Start, type services, click on “view local service” scroll to the bottom)
  2. These are all set to “startup type” of Automatic
  3. However not all of them are started
  4. The 2 critical ones are “Windows Server Client Computer Backup Provider Service” and “Windows Server Health Service”
  5. Looking in the service descriptions I tracked down the dependencies:
    1. Backup and Health depend on “Windows Server Service Provider Registry”
    2. “Windows Server Service Provider Registry” depends on “Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service”
  6. And when I looked in the Event Viewer (System) I found that “Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service” is failing with an error “A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service service to connect”
  7. This then has a cascade event on the “Windows Server….” Services
  8. If you check “Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service” in the Local services list it has probably gone through its recovery process and started up, however the “Windows Server…” services are left in stopped state

Solution Options:

  1. You can just go to the View Local Services after each boot and manually start the “Windows Server Client Computer Backup Provider Service” and “Windows Server Health Service” services and all will be good
  2. OR the solution that I chose was to increase the timeout limit for services in the registry:
    1. Fire up regedit (disclaimer – make sure you have done a registry backup)
    2. In Registry Editor, locate, and then click the following registry subkey:
      1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
    3. By default there should be no “ServicesPipeTimeout” so you need to create it:
      1. Point to Edit/New, and then click DWORD Value.
      2. In the right pane of Registry Editor, notice that New Value #1 (the name of a new registry entry) is selected for editing.
      3. Type ServicesPipeTimeout to replace New Value #1, and then press ENTER.
    4. Now to modify the timeout value:
      1. Right-click the ServicesPipeTimeout registry entry that you created (or was already there) and then click Modify. The Edit DWORD Value dialog box appears.
      2. Click “Decimal” under Base
      3. Type in 50000 in the “Value data” text box and then click OK (Note the default value for this is 30,000 milli-seconds. I initially set to 100,000 and then reduced to 50,000. You may need to alter this to suit your situation)
    5. Restart the computer. You must restart the computer for Service Control Manager to apply this change.

Everything is now good…..


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3 Responses to Windows Home Server 2011, Launchpad offline and “net.tcp port sharing service” timeout

  1. DLL says:

    Thanks for providing the solution…I too have WHS 2011 and this occurred as I configured my new x220 for back up. Made suggested changes and it works great.

  2. Larry says:

    Thanks to your research… All I had to do was Google the issue and found your page!

  3. Michael says:

    Had the same problem on two new X230 with their pre-installed image. Spent hours doing research but without success. Your approach is interesting but it’s still a workaround. So i made a clean install on my Lenovo and after that everything is working fine. Seems as there is a problem with .NET on the Lenovo image.
    One thing i haven’t tried: installing the update to .net update 4.0.3 (maybe that fixes some configuration issues)

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