Collection of Cloud related links #2

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease)

Part 2 of what I am planning to be an ongoing series of posts.  This is a simple summary of posts from around the web that I have come across over the past few weeks that caught my eye.  My value add?:

  • Hopefully finding the interesting from the not (subjective)
  • Cloud centric
  • A focus on posts of interest to service providers
  • A short reason why it may be of interest.

So see what you think:


My comments…

Security is important (period).  However the media and so called experts are using this real issue to deliver some pretty lazy reporting.

It’s the start of the year so as usual there are lots of forecasts.  This is a comprehensive collection of cloud related forecasts and market estimates in one place.

Interesting view about the business value of Office 365 from the experience of a small consulting firm deploying for their own use.

Tool provided by Microsoft to help select the correct O365 plan and estimate costs.  For our Australian friends this is in USD so pricing part not so helpful, but the plan selector still valid

A high profile O365 win

It is a foolish person that ignores IBM, but will they be able to compete against Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps?

Symantec join the big spending by traditional vendors to support a Hybrid story linking their on-prem offerings to a cloud world

If you are in the IaaS world make sure you have a great differentiator as price points are getting very aggressive!!!

Another round up of 2012 predictions.  This time grouped by Analysts, telco experts, enterprise experts and security experts.

Data sovereignty is another real issue that has risked been over-hyped to offer easy reporting.  However there are efforts occurring at national and international levels to establish legal frameworks for the new information age.  Whether these are right or not time will tell, but hear is a view on the recent moves in Europe

Infographic from Microsoft “The Private Cloud Gets Real”.  With all of the efforts Microsoft are making to promote their public cloud offerings it is easy to overlook their huge and growing base of partner hosted and private cloud offerings.

Another infographic commissioned by Microsoft this time highlighting their security credentials

Microsoft site laying out what they are doing to address the concerns around security etc in the cloud

If you don’t believe there can be significant and disruptive shifts then juts consider the music industry.  Change has created the opportunity for new players to challenge the established order.

Another pricing calculator/estimator, this time for Azure.  How does USD140/month for fully managed, totally flexible pricing for 1TB sound?

On the 19th January 2012 Eastman Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  How did this happen to a company that invented the hand held camera, at one time sold 90% of the film used in the US and ironically was one of the pioneers in creating the digital camera and holds some of the key digital imaging patents? In short they are a victim of their own inability to transform in the face of the rise of digital photography.

Business change and transformation takes strong leadership.  Are you able to Aspire, Plan, Inspire and Execute?

This will help you understand how Microsoft’s marketing efforts are position them against the competition.

An impassioned plea by a leading Office 365 partner to think beyond document management when it comes to sharepoint.

An interesting definition of entrepreneurship “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled”

Asks “Is 2012 the year for India’s internet?”  Looks like mobile is going to be a major play.

From 2010, but Steve Ballmer claims that India will be a world leader in cloud computing

Should access to the internet be considered a “basic human right” Google VP and Internet evangelist Dr. Vinton Cerf argues that it is not.

Infographic highlighting Australia’s leading position in cloud adoption

The TED video with Simon Sinek explaining how great leaders inspire with his focus on the “WHY” rather than how or what. (you may remember this from the workshops)

Dan Pink explaining what motivates people with the help of a sketch graphic overlay to reinforce the story.  (you may remember this from the workshops)

I’ll finish on this truly inspiring TED video, the URL title says it all.  I have watched this many times and still find it great.


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