Collection of Cloud Related Links #4

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease)

My ongoing quest for interesting (IMHO) cloud related articles continues.  Having started in January I cannot believe that we are already in March – I’m not sure I have kept a New Year promise this long for many years!!

As always there is no particular order to these articles and the short explanation of why I think they have interest is still there. And remember that whilst these are not specifically Microsoft focused, I have not gone out of my way to find negative articles!


My comments

A detailed and honest “route cause analysis” of the reasons for the recent Azure outage by Bill Laing.  It seems remarkable that Azure suffered a date related issue in this supposedly advanced IT world. This will raise concerns for those already worried about the Cloud.  However the open and honest nature of this review is refreshing and promising for the future.

A simple graphical guide to what jurisdictions are involved with your data.  I wonder where Ninefold are based!!;content

The omission of Windows desktop from SPLA and restrictions on Office desktop within SPLA are an ongoing frustration for service providers.  It will be interesting to see where this one lands.

Nearly 3 months into 2012.  How are the predictions from these 12 “experts” standing up (or not!!)

Windows phone is getting great critical reviews even if sales volumes have yet to match this promise.  A core part of this positive feedback has been the Metro interface design and we will see much more of this in Windows 8.  This article provides some insight and background to the thinking behind Metro

Gartner 2011 Top priorities for CIOs in India.  Top few business and technical are fairly predictable so doubt if there will be much change in 2012.  Does this reflect what you are seeing?

The Azure VM Role is getting closer to general availability.  But has Microsoft really got so “open” that they will allow Linux to be used within the VMs – looks like it.

Some simply guidance on how to improve your presentations.

Ray Ozzie joins in with the “post PC era” chorus.  But let’s be honest he has been been talking to anybody who will listen about this for years and has certainly been a huge influence on Microsoft’s current Cloud direction.

Potentially over simplistic but the argument presented here is that the changes the internet and Cloud are driving will mean that in the future there will only be 3 types of jobs in IT: Consultant, Project Managers and Developers.  Rather broad ranging job titles/buckets so most of us could probably find a fit, but makes you think.

Unless we need specialist clothing to do our job we are expected to provide appropriate clothing ourselves.  Has your  “computing device” reached the same device? Basic PC/tablet/phone, bring it yourself.

A mildly humorous flow chart guiding you to a conclusion about whether it would be a good idea to let your staff work from home.

This is just one persons view and there will be other takes on many of the areas covered.  However there is no doubt that Sinofsky has had a profound impact on Microsoft in recent years, being central to 2/3rds of Microsoft revenue.

As you will probably know by now, I like TED.  This is a great and funny presentation on the statistics (honestly) about delivering a successful TED talk.


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