Office 2010 Search Commands add-in

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease)

Ever wondered where the function you used in versions of Office before the ribbon has moved to?  Although Microsoft research has shown the ribbon to be a productivity enhancement for most users there are still those frustrating moments where you just cannot find that command.  And in some cases that is because the command has not been included in the ribbon but is still available if you know the right short cut.

Search Commands from the Microsoft people at to the rescue.  This is a simple free add-in for Office 2007 & 2010 that adds a “Search” tab to the ribbon and is available at:

A search of “insert” in Microsoft Word reveals the following; note that “Insert Break” is not directly visible from the ribbon, but how to use it is explained:


A search for “Watermark” in Powerpoint shows there are no direct commands to do this.  However the commands that are related to this are shown.  Again note the “Change Background” command is not directly accessible from the ribbon, but is still shown.



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