Collection of Cloud Related Links #6

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease)

As part of the ongoing NewLease mission to share our passion and understanding for the Cloud, please find another collection of articles that relate to the Cloud Service Provider market:


My comments

When is it too early to hire a dedicated salesperson and when is the right time? Some clear and simple ideas to guide your decision making

The growth in interest and forecasts for SaaS based ERP systems suggests we are breaking away from tactical use of the Cloud into strategic.

An interesting overview of the perceptions, misconceptions and reality of the impact of data centre downtime.

Dave Girouard, Google’s head of Enterprise Apps was in Sydney earlier this year.  The Sydney Morning Herald provides a summary.

Six secrets to positioning with a point of view

1. Different, not better

2. Disrupt or create a massive category

3. Market your POV, not your company or product

4. Turn your positioning into a POV

5. The POV is the product

6. Your POV sets your market cap (valuation)

Pricing for cloud services from the major vendors is tending towards effective zero.  This makes the need to offer value added services around the core technology service critical to profitability.

IDC report on growth in smart devices connected to the internet.  By 2016 PCs will represent only 25%.  Connecting and Managing non-PC devices looks like a great service opportunity

I have forgotten how much I like Hugh MacLeod and This one gives you a flavour of his style.

Enterprise use of SaaS is driving both acceptance of the model and also quality of the offerings.  Interesting how “social CRM” is still small but growing at 50%.

This is not directly about selling IT, however for me it highlights that a) we need to think creatively about engaging our customers b) we should look outside of the IT industry for ideas


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