Microsoft WPC – From My Eyes to Yours – DaaS

We here at NewLease have been suggesting that Desktop-as-a-Service will be one of the next big things.  Well it looks like the research guru’s are ringing in on it now as well.  According to 451 Research, the market for Desktop Virtualization will be US$5.6bn, yes billion, by 2015, and a they reckon that DaaS will be the winner for the various desktop virtualization methods by 2015.  Wow.  Now here’s a nice graphic on the various scenarios that are driving the DaaS growth.

Get a show of hands from almost any corporate grouping and you’ll find almost every person in the room will have a smart mobile, will work remotely (at least for part of their day) and is likely bringing their own device in some manner.  Put all that together and DaaS becomes the best way for IT to both deliver value to the business as well as to control and protect the company’s vital info.

For your viewing pleasure here are 451 Research’s 2012 projections for Desktop Virtualization.


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2 Responses to Microsoft WPC – From My Eyes to Yours – DaaS

  1. SJKParker says:

    Apologies if you left a comment and it is not showing – I was a little trigger happy on some comments that had been marked as spam.

  2. Great information especially on RDP 7. VMware is obviously a big competitor to Microsoft and their desktop virtualization product uses RDP as the primary connection protocol. Citrix is a major partner whose XenDesktop product works on top of Hyper-V / SCVMM and uses a superior ICA protocol. I wonder if Microsoft realizes that with all these RDP enhancements they are strengthening VMware View on top of ESX by negating a big advantage that XenDesktop has over View. My only thought is that Microsoft is going to find a way to charge VDI users for using RDP 7.

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