Microsoft WPC – From My Eyes to Yours – Pinpoint and Hosting Gallery

It’s a big commitement to go all the way to North America for a Microsoft conference, but I certainly got a lot out of it, so I thought I’d share a bit of what resonated for me in Toronto.  What follow is several thoughts on WPC.

Let’s start with how Microsoft is delivering on it’s promise to help you market your offerings.

First and foremost, there are several ways that Microsoft is trying to help SPLA partners market and promote their offerings.  The anchor property that Microsoft uses is Microsoft Pinpoint which according to the powers that be will be the tool that Microsoft focuses on more and more as time goes by and they unify their partner marketing efforts into one place.  If you haven’t profiled your business on Pinpoint, you really should as it’s the place that folks in the Microsoft ecosystem will send customers to look for offerings that suit their needs.

That said, Microsoft is also maintaining a special tool (I’ll call it the Hosting Gallery) for the SPLA community that works in conjunction with Pinpoint to help drive businesses your way.  Judging by my initial perusal the reality hardly any regional organizations are taking advantage of this FREE marketing tool.  Searching for AUD offers yielded less than 30 offers, NZD yielded 0, and SGD less than 12 offers.

It’s free and Microsoft employees would love to point people your direction so please do get yourselves profiled in Pinpoint (click here to profile) and then the Hosting Gallery (then click here to showcase your offers).


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Head of Product and Marketing for NewLease, the leading distributor of subscription software for Service Providers in APAC.
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