Microsoft WPC – From My Eyes to Yours – The Lync Opportunity

Lync and Unified Communicaitons is one of Microsoft’s big bets and it sure has potential for the hosting community.  Skype was a great acquisition for Microsoft in the consumer space, but Lync sure seems like the glue in the enterprise collaboration space for those using Exchange and SharePoint.  Here’s the spectrum of models that Lync brings to the market.

Do note that the Service Provider community can essentially play in all 4 of these models either reselling, hosting, or installing and managing.  For those of you interested in the Multi-Tenant Public Cloud, Microsoft has a guidance for multi-tenanting Lync Server here.

Clearly they were starting on a low base but the following stats sure seem to indicate that there is a great opportunity around Lync and UC.

So, what next?  There are actually several things you can do to get in on the Lync opportunity.

  • White Label – you don’t have to build this all out yourself from the ground up, there are hosting companies that would much rather focus on technology and let you focus on the channel, it’s a great partnership and if you get big enough you could then build your own infrastructure.
  • Build – Lync is a pretty easy addition to your existing environment, particularly if you already have Exchange and SharePoint experience.
  • Contact NewLease with any other questions you might have

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Head of Product and Marketing for NewLease, the leading distributor of subscription software for Service Providers in APAC.
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