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Yahoo mail, iPhone, Outlook and IMAP syncing together

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease) Bottom line = yes you can have imap support with the free Yahoo mail service and sync across your devices Like others I have many email accounts across various providers and accessed from … Continue reading

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How is Windows Azure Introductory Special different to Cloud Essentials?

The Microsoft Azure team’s announcement of a new Introductory Special offer as part of the “Cloud Power campaign” is good news for partners wishing to try out Azure at minimum outlay. The upgraded Introductory Special offer now includes 750 free … Continue reading

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BPOS fake cloud says Netsuite chief

Unless an application is designed from scratch to be a web application then it’s fake, according to Zach Nelson, CEO of Netsuite. His recent interview in CRN is worth reading as he gives his view on cloud and cloud channel … Continue reading

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The ABC of Cloud Security

It’s clear that security ranks high if not the highest in the general concerns about companies migrating to the cloud. This is despite reputable research organisations like Aberdeen reporting “Web Security in the Cloud: More Secure! Compliant! Less Expensive!” Drawing … Continue reading

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3 Key Themes for MSPs in a Cloud World

If you run a business in the IT channel, no doubt you’re facing dramatic changes on all sides: new technologies and delivery models that transform your relationship with customers; economic uncertainty that threatens to choke off vital revenue streams; and … Continue reading

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Why is Google so secretive about Data centers?

(Stephen Parker, Head of Cloud Strategy) I am curious why there is such a fundamental difference between the approach taken by Microsoft and Google regarding investment in data centers.  Microsoft appear to be open about their data center infrastructure and … Continue reading

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